Northern Lights

Campaign Day 23

The party approaches Tyberion’ tower, which is under attack from various fae of the Briar Court, including goblins riding trolls and a treant. Stumbles is slain in a single blow, but Eavanna sends him back, saying he must deal with the dragon he woke. Inside the tower, Tyberion says that they are angry that he has been opening portals into their realms to search for a stone that allows him to join his intelligence with that of others to further his research. He agrees to open a portal to the monastery of Jarek, in exchange for the party getting him Jeraq’s stone.

The party travels through the realm with the Rakshasa and many tigers that used to be Sam’s ancestors, then enter the monastery and battle with the monks. Jeraq turns into a being of fire and light when struck down, and explodes when slain.

Seeking the Sun
Campaign Day 22

At night, the ghost of Sam’s cousin appears and says that all of Sam’s deceased relatives are trapped in the realm of the Rakshasa, because it is his cage and if he gathers enough power in the cage, he will be able to get out. They are all turning into tigers there. The seal of the cage is within a monastery.

The party goes to the monastery and face three challenges to be admitted entrance. One is surviving six hours in the cold, the next is to face alternate versions of themselves, the last is to light torches from the fire held by five statues of the gods. After passing the test, the party concocts an elaborate plan to steal books from the restricted section of the library.

The Starlit Valley
Campaign Day 21

The party searched a valley looking for signs of a place for a ritual that would allow Edwin to contain the power of a fae within him. During the search, the party fights off the Riverhorse (an emaciated looking fae with the head of a horse that is responsible for ferrying the souls of the drowned), the Elk Lord, a faceless spider-like fae, and a number of goblins riding trolls. During one night, a goblin brings a pair of gloves to Caelan from his master. A victim of the spider-like fae is found bound as a scarecrow in the middle of a cultivated wheat field. Kinir and Rinar find the Gardener, who switches their roles. Edwin finds carvings telling a tale of the Autumn Huntsman, who was once mortal. Every hundred years or so, his bow is passed on to another mortal, but over the last six hundred years, it has been the same person. Mortals have been refusing his bow.

Campaign Day 20

The adventurers drink potions to let them dive underwater. Vera pulls a chest from beneath the claws of one dragon, large and glowing, as it lies by a fallen star, sunk into the lake. A smaller dragon, infected by the Void, sleeps nearby. The dragons wake, chase the adventurers. The smaller one is slain, but the larger flies for the city. Guards run towards the battle. The adventurers head back to the town, following the dragon, where the town is glowing with the strange aura the dragon breathed, and the town’s gate is ripped down. The survivors are herded out of the town and sent on to the city. The party heads north, climbs a glacier and finds the knights who are carving a giant statue of Vera out of marble. They attack on site, then flee when a fire centipede like beast comes out of the ground. When it is slain, they bow before Vera, the half-fae from the tomb gives Vera some blood, and give the party a place to rest before they move on northward.

The Favors of Fae
Campaign Day 19

Behind a sealed door is a repository of all of the information Old One has gathered by eating the eyes, tongues, and hearts of people who had forbidden knowledge and was hunted by the Autumn Huntsman. The Huntsman has become increasingly zealous in preventing that knowledge from spreading. Old One wants to put the information either in the raven body he has been traveling in or into Edwin’s body.

Behind the door is three canoic jars with raven’s heads. The first bears an eye, the second a tongue, the third a heart. Edwin consumes all three.

On the way back to the surface, Sam’s cousin attacks and is defeated. She is left with mercenaries, while Sam attempts to bargain with the tiger spirit of the Ember Court. The cousin sends mercenaries after Gerard, so the party runs off to save him. Men from House Selwyn are building a statue to the betrothed of the Prince of the Northwest Wind, while cultists bring jugs of sea monster blood to the witch with the goat familiar.

Gerard is rescued from the mercenaries, and the party either spills or steals the sea monster’s blood before heading back to the lake to figure out how to get the heart from the two dragons. On the way the party fights a cosmic beast that consumes stars. Edwin frightens it to death with an image of the Prince of the Northwest Wind.

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright
Campaign Day 18

A mysterious cloaked figured helps the party escape through the city to a mansion, where a merchant asks for their help clearing out the giants. The party decides to enter the underground through a cursed manor. The cursed manor contains a family tree with all of the members crossed out except for three, one of which is Sam, another of which is a man unconscious on the floor of the throne room, where three tigers are circling and a stone rakshasa sits on a throne.

Court of Flint and Bone – associated with Winter Solstice.

The party goes back underground through a passage found in the manse. Underground, the party starts to fight with giants, then they call a truce. The king of the giants says that some of the giants started looking to the stars and summoning the ichor and became corrupted by it. The Court of Stars used this opportunity to take over the Winter Solstice from the Court of Flint and Bone. The giants are amenable to the party continuing on to fight the ichor infested giants.

Campaign Day 17

A court of the fae falls to the ground, while a monster of darkness spirals down after it. A fight ensues, in which the fae struggles to resist the influence of the darkness spreading over him. Cultists in caves chant and ban the fae by breaking a seal.

At a Briar gate, Vera uses blood from the half fae leading the cultists and uses it to summon the Prince of the Northwest Wind. Shortly after he arrives, Edwin breaks another seal and banishes him.

The party returns to Karack Angul, and are awoken by men looking for people to help them fight giants in the underground. Many men of the town are killed, but the party slays several giants and their lizard pets.

The order that follows the Raven Queen and the Autumn Huntsman is divided into two — the Order of the Arrow and the Order of the Horn. The Order of the Horn claims the Huntsman has gotten out of hand and has been rejected by the humans he chooses each generation for centuries.

After coming out of the caves, some guards lead by a paladin with compass rings try to slay the party because the giants’ presence stops miners from mining and getting infected with ichor. The party slays Balty their leader.

I wasn’t able to take notes for some of the more important detailed bits, can someone else please add what they remember?

Still Waters Run Deep
Campaign Day 16

Rumors in town reveal that a witch has given a prophecy to the king at the campment at Karack Angul, who has gone into depression and refuses to be seen for months. The witch is camping outside the campment, with his familiar, a one eyed goat. The missing eye is leaking black ichor. The witch says it is the price of looking into darkness to see the future in the skies. He also says the valley used to belong to the Court of Stars and they were driven out.

A church of the Raven Queen near the encampment bears an insignia of a feather crossed with a horn.

While camping at night, the party is hit with a meteor shower of glowing, burning rocks. Vera’s touch turns one piece into a ring of protection. Edwin touching another turns it into several little vials.

Upon reaching in the Valley of Stars, the party finds an astronomer named Osric, who has been receiving large shipments of stone and metal, and has built a door which opens to the stars. In front of it is a large rock with chains, to bind a viewer in place so that they are not sucked into space around the stars when the door is opened. Behind the door, a star is seen up close. A beautiful pale blue woman is trying to free a star from black ichor. Upon realizing someone is watching her, she starts, and falls from the sky. A star falls as well.

Osric tells the party he can give a message to Tiberian to ask if he has found the stone yet.. He also reveals that cultists have been casting themselves into the void, and he has some sort of glowing pets within his home that protect him from thieves and possibly stop cultists from entering the Void.

The Prince of the Northwest Wind appears to Vera, angry that she has not procured the blood of a half-mortal, half-fae of the Court of Stars.

The party moves on towars the lake. They fight and kill some cultists on the way, who try and fail to take them as sacrifices.

At the lake, the party struggles to find a way to find the twin sleeping dragons and heart within, but cannot swim deep enough. Something from below the lake glows at night. Two guards have been sent by the king in attempt to uphold his decree that no one go near the dangerous lake. The king has also had his men carving runes to keep something out.

Karack Angul
Campaign Day 15

The party considers trying to find the giants by going through the tunnels whose entrances are guarded by the morlocks, but this proves untenable. They travel over land and meet up with a caravan who is traveling to Karack Angul, a city built into a mountain that thrived until the gold dried up. Now gold has suddenly been found in the mines again, and they are bringing fresh fruits and vegetables. They hire the party to guard the caravan. Along the way, a fae inhabits one of the caravan’s guards, and uses him to give Caelan gifts, as well as request to destroy a Sluagh, an aberration that comes out of many souls falling from the paths all at once. Meanwhile, there is a battle with beasts who exude black ichor the kills other members of the caravan. At some point, there is a beautiful constellation of three stars in the sky.

Along the way, the caravan passes wards against the Court of Stars along the path. In Karack Angul, a guard wears a ring bearing the symbol of a compass. The party decides to descend into the haunted tunnels that have been closed off since the city was deserted, and within they fight many undead and aberrations, including the sluagh. After slaying the sluagh, they pull treasure from piles of bones.

House Wintersea
Campaign Day 14

The cold iron seal protected by the primitive people within the caves indicates some thing of darkness imprisoned by the Court of Stars. The murals along the cave walls depict a war between the giants and the Court of Stars. The giants appear to be nearing victory when the Court of Stars summons something of darkness that defeats the giants, who move underground. Many of the giants are missing one eye.

Longships of House Wintersea approach the shore. The people on board welcome the party members. Their wise old crone speaks of a prophecy of a huntress bearing a bow and accompanied by a bird helping them with their task of fighting the children of the World Snake, aquatic abberations that rise to the surface, attracted by the full moon. A great sea battle is fought, costing Wintersea many warriors, but the son of the World Snake and the acid beasts that rose with it are slain.

The party members then return to the ship flying the flag of quarantine and slay the undead beings on board and steal their drugs and money.


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