Northern Lights


Campaign Day 4

The party wakes up and heads for Marbleholt, spotting potato farmers and a smoking crater on the way. The city has 4 regions, bath, wealthy, slums, and religious, and its citizens speak Old Ipheran. Edwin’s patron leaves his raven, stating that the city is under the control of enemies, the Court of Embers. In Septimus’ Curiousities, there are magical items for sale, including a scroll of Circle of Death. a wand of Fox’s Cunning (41 charges left), and a helmet that lets you speak any language and read magic. He also wants a silver raven statue identified (it is a wondrous item that does the animal messenger spell). There is also a Colosseum.

There are burning tree tokens (the symbol of the Court of Embers) that will transport people into the holding cells of the Colosseum, and fighting several battles will allow you freedom.

An opium addict named Randall Fletcher in the Lotus Den is looking for an artifact, a deck of cards, and wants Sam to help him find it. There are a maze of canyons with fae of gambling, and the deck was created by Shandir to help a hero of his.

Thieves attack the part inside the sewers, and they are soundly defeated. The one remaining tells of a plan to steal a ruby.

In order to obtain more of the teleportation tokens, the party agrees to fetch the eggs from a creature that dwells in a sulfur lake in the crater outside of the city, where slaves are mining sulfur. They slay the monster and the guards, and take the eggs.

On the day of the noble’s funeral, they break into the family’s complex, steal a jewel, and escape.



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