Northern Lights


Campaign Day 20

The adventurers drink potions to let them dive underwater. Vera pulls a chest from beneath the claws of one dragon, large and glowing, as it lies by a fallen star, sunk into the lake. A smaller dragon, infected by the Void, sleeps nearby. The dragons wake, chase the adventurers. The smaller one is slain, but the larger flies for the city. Guards run towards the battle. The adventurers head back to the town, following the dragon, where the town is glowing with the strange aura the dragon breathed, and the town’s gate is ripped down. The survivors are herded out of the town and sent on to the city. The party heads north, climbs a glacier and finds the knights who are carving a giant statue of Vera out of marble. They attack on site, then flee when a fire centipede like beast comes out of the ground. When it is slain, they bow before Vera, the half-fae from the tomb gives Vera some blood, and give the party a place to rest before they move on northward.



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