Northern Lights


Campaign Day 23

The party approaches Tyberion’ tower, which is under attack from various fae of the Briar Court, including goblins riding trolls and a treant. Stumbles is slain in a single blow, but Eavanna sends him back, saying he must deal with the dragon he woke. Inside the tower, Tyberion says that they are angry that he has been opening portals into their realms to search for a stone that allows him to join his intelligence with that of others to further his research. He agrees to open a portal to the monastery of Jarek, in exchange for the party getting him Jeraq’s stone.

The party travels through the realm with the Rakshasa and many tigers that used to be Sam’s ancestors, then enter the monastery and battle with the monks. Jeraq turns into a being of fire and light when struck down, and explodes when slain.



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