Northern Lights

The Favors of Fae

Campaign Day 19

Behind a sealed door is a repository of all of the information Old One has gathered by eating the eyes, tongues, and hearts of people who had forbidden knowledge and was hunted by the Autumn Huntsman. The Huntsman has become increasingly zealous in preventing that knowledge from spreading. Old One wants to put the information either in the raven body he has been traveling in or into Edwin’s body.

Behind the door is three canoic jars with raven’s heads. The first bears an eye, the second a tongue, the third a heart. Edwin consumes all three.

On the way back to the surface, Sam’s cousin attacks and is defeated. She is left with mercenaries, while Sam attempts to bargain with the tiger spirit of the Ember Court. The cousin sends mercenaries after Gerard, so the party runs off to save him. Men from House Selwyn are building a statue to the betrothed of the Prince of the Northwest Wind, while cultists bring jugs of sea monster blood to the witch with the goat familiar.

Gerard is rescued from the mercenaries, and the party either spills or steals the sea monster’s blood before heading back to the lake to figure out how to get the heart from the two dragons. On the way the party fights a cosmic beast that consumes stars. Edwin frightens it to death with an image of the Prince of the Northwest Wind.



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