Northern Lights

The Starlit Valley

Campaign Day 21

The party searched a valley looking for signs of a place for a ritual that would allow Edwin to contain the power of a fae within him. During the search, the party fights off the Riverhorse (an emaciated looking fae with the head of a horse that is responsible for ferrying the souls of the drowned), the Elk Lord, a faceless spider-like fae, and a number of goblins riding trolls. During one night, a goblin brings a pair of gloves to Caelan from his master. A victim of the spider-like fae is found bound as a scarecrow in the middle of a cultivated wheat field. Kinir and Rinar find the Gardener, who switches their roles. Edwin finds carvings telling a tale of the Autumn Huntsman, who was once mortal. Every hundred years or so, his bow is passed on to another mortal, but over the last six hundred years, it has been the same person. Mortals have been refusing his bow.



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